Honda patents electric motorcycle with drone in the rear


Japanese automaker Honda has filed a patent for an electric motorcycle with a drone built into the rear. The unusual project was revealed by Cycle World and, through diagrams and some information, explains how the vehicle would work.

Through a control on the motorcycle, the rider will be able to activate the rear opening to release the drone, which, as shown in the images, will expand after leaving the compartment. The equipment will be able to navigate and return to the motorcycle independently, allowing the rider to stay focused on the road.

Why use a drone?

Well, you may be wondering how this function can be useful. This idea, which initially seems to come from a Hollywood film, becomes more palpable when you understand the manufacturer’s motivation. According to Honda, the drone was thought of as a tool for monitoring traffic and transporting replaceable batteries.

The last application, although possible, still seems a little distant. Replaceable battery technology is already present in some models, such as the Zero FXS electric motorcycle. However, each module weighs about 20 kg, which is not compatible with the dimensions of the drone.

Finally, Honda cites yet another application. The drone would serve as a cooling system through its rotors, which would “suck” hot air from the battery. However, it is worth remembering that, unlike combustion bikes, electric ones do not usually generate extra heat when stopped.

Applicability of the function

Analyzing the images, it is possible to notice that the motorcycle has a sporty footprint. If the vehicle is at high speeds, the drone will probably not be able to keep up with it – nor will it be able to return safely to the compartment.

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Although this system does not seem very intelligent on roads, it could be easily fitted when the bike was stopped in traffic or at a sign. Anyway, Honda did not bother to detail the operation of the vehicle. Therefore, it may be that the manufacturer will develop solutions to these problems in the future.


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