Honda is Developing Four New Electric Bikes

Honda electrification process, announced last Friday (23), which provides for the sale of electric cars only from 2040, should also reach the Japanese automaker’s motorcycles, with the launch of four models in the coming years.

Revealed by Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe, the plan includes making three electric motorbikes available on the market by 2024, all of which are of smaller capacity and focused on urban use. The novelties, including two scooter models, would fall into a category with engines from 50 to 125 cc.

One or more of these new Honda electrified motorcycles may have appeared on patents registered by the company recently, according to Electrek. This is the case of the design shown in August last year, which appears to be an electric version of the CB125R with two batteries and an extremely thin, “pancake-shaped” engine.

The other patent candidate to become one of the novelties announced by Mibe during his press conference is the one that seems inspired by the Honda Grom. The concept, registered at the beginning of April by the automaker, has details inspired by the conventional mini-motorcycle and incorporates innovations such as the front suspension of the Hossack type, with two arms and a monoshock.

More powerful electric motorcycle

If the first three models have a deadline to be launched, the fourth is still kept confidential by Honda, which did not disclose dates or details. The executive of the brand said only that it is a version of greater power and destined to the area of ​​”fun”.

The comment sparked many speculations, realizing that it could be the electric version of any of the brand’s current sports bikes. The possibility that the model is related to the patent for an electric motorcycle with a drone on the rear, revealed in February, was also not ruled out.

This curious project brings a drone that would serve to monitor traffic and even to transport replaceable batteries, among other possibilities.



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