Honda Announces Level 3 Autonomous Driving Technology


Honda announced the Level 3 autonomous driving technology Honda Sensing Elite, which will continuously monitor road conditions and make decisions on its own. Honda Legend, which will have this technology, will be the first car in the world with Level 3 autonomous driving support.

We know that almost every car in the future will have autonomous driving technologies, but today, a limited number of cars have remarkable autonomous driving systems. Moreover, there is not even a car that can offer the 3rd level of the 5-level autonomous driving technology determined by the American Automotive Engineers Association (SAE). However, this situation will deteriorate in the near future.

German luxury car brand Audi has announced that it will offer Level 3 autonomous driving technology in the new A8 model, but later retracted this promise. Honda is getting ahead of its competitors in autonomous driving technology and is preparing to launch the world’s first SAE Level 3 autonomous driving technology mass production car.

Honda logo on the front of the world’s first Level 3 autonomous vehicle

Honda will include an advanced version of the Honda Sensing advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) called the Honda Sensing Elite in the Legend, the new sedan model to be launched in Japan, thus using Level 3 autonomous driving technology in a commercially available car for the first time.

The most important difference of SAE Level 3 autonomous technology is that it can read the conditions of the environment in which the car is located and make new decisions accordingly. In other words, a Honda Legend with Honda Sensing Elite technology will be able to act within its own decisions, taking control from the driver if needed.


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