Honda Accord 2022 Hybrid is Launched With e:HEV Technology in Brazil


Honda Automóveis do Brasil announced the new Accord Hybrid, the brand’s first model with e:HEV technology in the country. This is one of three hybrid cars the brand plans to launch by 2023 as part of its 2040 electrification plan.

The Accord 2022 has a fresh look, new on-board equipment and promises to achieve high energy efficiency. Aiming to achieve carbon neutrality in its products and activities by 2050, Honda launched the e:Technology brand, which identifies the company’s electrification technologies.

One of the technologies is the hybrid e:HEV, which combines two electric motors and a cycle engine, which ensure greater fuel economy without losing power. According to the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (INMETRO), the Accord 2022 achieves an energy efficiency of 1.20 MJ/km, consuming 17.6 km/l in the city and 17.1 km/l on the road.

e:HEV, Honda’s hybrid system

The system with two electric motors combined with an Atkinson cycle engine can be operated in three main modes: EV Drive (100% electric), Hybrid Drive and Engine Drive. The modes alternate with each other in order to maximize the car’s efficiency under different conditions.

EV Drive mode is used in times when combustion is not optimal: at low speed or smooth acceleration. The cycle engine operates on Engine Drive when it reaches its standard load and rpm range. The Hybrid Drive mode operates between these two conditions, complementing the functioning of the e:HEV system.

Price and availability

The new Honda Accord enters the market in a single, hybrid version with the e:HEV system and four color options for the body and two for the interior lining of the cabin: Topaz White Pearl (black or ivory interior), Platinum Silver Metallic (black interior) , Crystal Black Pearl (black interior) and Modern Steel Metallic (black interior).

With a suggested price of R$ 299,900 for the entire national territory (except the state of São Paulo and the city of Manaus), the Accord 2022 arrives this month at Brazilian dealerships.


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