HomePod Mini introduced! Here are the features and price


In addition to the iPhone 12 family, Apple also introduced the HomePod Mini speaker. Evan Bless, who leaked images before the event tonight, showed us that the speaker will be introduced at the event. As the name of the Apple HomePod speaker suggests, this device, which is a mini version, has a much more rounded design. Here are the HomePod Mini features and price:

HomePod Mini stands out with its features

The smart speaker HomePod Mini, which attracted attention after its introduction, contains differences in design compared to the previous generation. Designed to be even more round, this device offers users two color options, black and white. As you can imagine, this smart speaker, which can interact with Siri very quickly, has a touch screen in its design.

HomePod Mini ozellikleri-00

While the speaker is transmitted to have a high level of volume, it also offers controls for playback and more. The speaker has a height of 8.4 cm and also makes a difference with the same S5 chip as the Apple Watch Series 5.

Thanks to this speaker, which is reported to be much smarter, you can connect to Siri everywhere and use this speaker. This smart speaker, which you can control as you wish, also offers you a space of freedom. Thanks to Intercom, it becomes possible to send messages easily. When you call Siri, you can send a message from any device.

The smart speaker, which recognizes sounds and undertakes the tasks with the use of built-in microphones and Siri, can give a high level of 360 degrees. Providing easy connection with Apple devices, this device looks very stylish in terms of design. It carries a color screen on the top and allows it to turn the volume up or down. So the controls can be done from this part.

This device, which is planned to serve smart home technology, also has privacy and security skills. The speaker can be purchased on November 16 for $ 99.


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