‘Homem-Formiga ficará maior’, diz diretor da franquia


Ant-Man will grow up. At least that’s what the franchise director said about the relevance of the character in the MCU. During an interview on The Jess Cagle Show, Peyton Reed commented on what fans can expect from the next film.

Although he did not reveal details about the plot, the filmmaker assured that the next feature will have visual changes, in addition to being much more comprehensive. The greatest relevance of the hero was already expected, after he presented the time travel.

“We are working to overcome the pandemic,” said Reed. “There are some really really exciting things, none of which, of course, I could talk to you about now, as is Marvel’s way … I think the third Ant-Man film will be a much bigger and more comprehensive film than the first two. It will have a very different visual model ”.

Another change that Reed confirmed is in the way the film will work on the character Vespa, played by Evangeline Lilly. According to a recent interview with Yahoo !, the two heroes will co-star in the feature, having a more similar screen time.

The filmmaker recalled that Lilly’s character has great importance for the plot and that Ant-Man and the Wasp was the first feature to have the name of a heroine in the title. Reed hopes to expand on that in the next film.

“They are a partnership, and it is a very important part of that. Putting her name on the second film was very gratifying, and I think, technically, we were the first Marvel film with a heroine in the title. Finding that balance in this film is very important to me because this is a very masculine environment, historically. But that is really changing a lot now ”.

With no confirmed release date so far, Ant-Man 3 could hit theaters in 2022.


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