Homelander’s grim nickname makes him a perverted wolverine for boys


Warning! Below are spoilers for the comic book and TV series The Boys.

Homelander’s dark nickname and origin made him a perverted version of Wolverine for Boys, as Supe had a very similar goal to get his X-Men hero abilities when he was experimented on during the Weapon X program. In the Boys comic book series, “Legend” calls Homelander a Living Weapon, showing that he was created to kill and follow the orders of his creators, just like Logan.

In the comics, Wolverine was born a mutant with incredible abilities, including retractable bone claws, an impressive healing factor, superpowers and other enhanced senses. However, after the capture by the Weapon X program, Wolverine was experimented on so that he would become a living weapon for carrying out missions of a government organization. As a result, Wolverine’s bones were covered with adamantium, forever changing the hero. Like Logan’s origin, the Homelander from The Boys was conceived as a living weapon, as the nickname was given to him by the person responsible for creating his PR stories.

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In The Boys #20 by Garth Ennis, Darik Robertson, Simon Bowland and Tony Avina, Stan Lee’s universe version, The Legend, reveals the secrets of Huey’s Homelander, going through the fictional origin of Supes and the real nature. its existence. In their conversation, the Legend refers to a Homelander nicknamed the Living Weapon, adding that he was created to be a Vought-American weapon, including destroying other heroes who have failed. Like Wolverine, Homelander was experimented on to become the weapon of their creators, Weapon X and Vought.

Homelander and Wolverine went two different ways after becoming “living weapons,” as The Legend calls Supe. Logan will overcome his Weapon X programming and become a force for good by joining the X-Men and becoming one of their most important heroes. Meanwhile, the Homelander became the weapon of the American Wout and became one of the deadliest creatures in The Boys universe, killing his fellow Soups and anyone who dared to defy his orders or Wout’s orders. He was exactly what Weapon X wanted.

It’s funny, but Homelander actor Anthony Starr, who played the psychotic Soup in “Boys”, was one of the best fan casts of the new Wolverine in the MCU. However, regardless of whether the actor will eventually play both characters, the dark nickname given to the Homelander has forever linked him to Wolverine, since the time of the Marvel hero with Weapon X as a living weapon is no different from the time of the Boys’ hero with Vought-American. . But, in the end, the living weapon did not go as planned.


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