Homelander from The Boys shows off his Terrifying abilities in an incendiary New cover


Warning! Below are spoilers for the comic book and TV series The Boys.

In the two new covers for The Boys #1, the Homelander’s powers are most terrifying when he stands over burned corpses with a menacing expression on his face. FAN EXPO has unveiled two exclusive covers reprinting the first issue of the Garth Ennis and Darik Robertson series, with Homelander taking center stage in the variants. Art from Inhyuk Lee and Francesco Mattina shows the villain in his most terrifying form.

Homelander is the main antagonist of the “Boys” and one of the scariest villains in pop culture. Driven by a desperate need for love and admiration, Compound-V created the leader of the Seven, playing by his own rules, killing anyone who gets in his way, with his incredible Superman abilities. The Homelander quickly became a fan favorite character thanks to Anthony Starr’s chilling portrayal in the TV series “Boys.” Now fans of the villain see his abilities to the fullest in a series of two cover versions demonstrating what makes Homelander so scary.

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This week, FAN EXPO unveiled two new cover versions for The Boys #1, which will be exclusively available at their conventions. The first version from Francesco Mattina is one of the most terrifying images of a Homelander ever created, as the villain has the expression of a Joker when he stands over a pile of skulls and corpses leading to Vout America. The homelander smiles when death surrounds him. It’s a pretty chilling image.

On the second version of The Boys #1 cover, the Homelander uses his powers. On the cover of Inhyuk Lee, the Homelander’s eyes glow red when a thunderstorm is raging behind him. When both his fists are clenched, it is safe to say that whoever the Homelander is facing, he is about to feel the full fury of the godlike forces of the Soup. The image shows that even when he is not completely upset (as in Mattina’s photo), the Homelander is still a nightmarish opponent for fellow Soup, The Boys and the whole world.

The covers show two sides of Homelander that are equally terrible: one shows him completely losing control, and the other shows a small taste of what he is capable of. The villain’s powers, when released, make him one of the deadliest superheroes. However, he can maintain his popularity with the public because of how well he hides his terrible actions behind his superhero persona. Readers can find versions of The Boys #1 starring Homelander on the Fan Expo website or at conventions.