Homeland & Maeve anticipated the big turn of the Boy Soldier in S3 for Boys


Attention! There are spoilers ahead for the 3rd season of the 7th series of “Boys”.

The Boys shockingly expose the Boy Soldier as the Homelander’s biological father, but this turnaround has been foreshadowed since yesterday’s superstar Vought returned from her 40-year vacation in Russia. Earlier, in season 3 of “Boys”, Billy Butcher dragged his team to Moscow in search of a weapon capable of killing a Homelander. Instead, they found a Soldier Boy, and both sides quickly made a deal – the Butcher helps the Soldier Boy to avenge the Reckoning; the Soldier Boy helps the Butcher land in his homeland. The trio enjoyed the fruit fight on Herogasm, but could not determine a clear winner. In the 7th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, Karl Urban and Jensen Ackles are preparing for the second piece of Homelander cherry.

Then the Boys throw the almighty father’s key into the work. After a clash of fists against the background of naked bodies in Gerogasm, a Soldier Boy discovered that the Homelander was his son. Jonah Fogelbaum from Vought gave the main super company of his company a penthouse, receiving a solid deposit in return, and Homelander was conceived from there. By the time the Boys’ credits begin, it’s unclear whether the Soldier Boy hates his son for usurping him, or wants to meet at a local park and throw a baseball. Whatever happens next, the revelation of the father and son of The Boys is a trifle that few could have foreseen. However, oddly enough, the connection of the Homelander and the Soldier Boy was anticipated even before the event of Gerogasm in the third season…

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During a brief quiet moment between Huey and the Soldier Boy (the Butcher is tracking down the TNT twins at this moment), an advertisement for “Star Diapers” is shown on TV, causing a conversation about fatherhood. In a rare glimpse of vulnerability between Benny and the hamburgers, the Soldier Boy confesses, “You know, I wanted my own cubs… a couple of little boys.” This phrase is strangely uncharacteristic of the constantly sullen parody of Captain America, and looking back, it becomes clear that the Boys were teasing the unexpected appearance of the Soldier’s son. However, the premonitions do not end there…

In the first scenes of the 7th episode of the 3rd season of “Boys”, the Homelander visits Queen Maeve in her prison cell in the Seven Towers, where he admits: “You know, when things were better between us, I dreamed of having children with you. “The parallels between this scene and the Soldier’s scene are not just a terrible coincidence. The homelander and his predecessor are super Patriots, the most popular Vought stars of their time and the leaders of their teams. But both also wanted to have children with women who quietly resented (and eventually betrayed) them. Even the wording and presentation of these lines are intentionally similar, subtly signaling the resonance between them “both father and son”. Despite the fact that the Homelander and the Soldier Boy were the most influential and popular men on Earth, they both dreamed of fatherhood for the same reasons and with similar women. Drawing this parallel, the Boys quite clearly indicate (well, at least clearly after the fact) that the two soups have a biological connection.

The boys do not hide that the Homelander is riddled with psychological problems after growing up without parents. It’s almost guaranteed that he hopes his next encounter with the Boy Soldier will play out like Buzz Lightyear and Zurg in Toy Story 2, catching up. Unfortunately for him, the Boys hint that the Boy Soldier may have a different reaction. Remembering Huey to the point of Hero-enthusiasm, Jensen Ackles’ grandmother-loving hero mentions a desire to raise his imaginary children into “real men”, and also throws lines such as “seriously, what counts as a man today?” On the one hand, Homelander is the embodiment of toxic masculinity, but on the other hand, he is incredibly fragile, almost childish. Will the Soldier Boy accept his son in the season 3 finale of “Boys” or reject him for not being the bulwark of masculinity he imagined him to be?

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