Home Sweet Home: Survive is available in early access


Developer Yggdrazil Group revealed on March 25 that Home Sweet Home: Survive, an asymmetric multiplayer horror and survival title, is now available on Steam in advance and can be purchased for R $ 14.49.

As in the classic games of the genre, in Home Sweet Home: Survive players will be able to assume the roles of survivors, who must escape or eliminate the enemy and fulfill additional objectives, or the Specter, responsible for killing all other players and preventing them from completing their missions. Each character, whether on one side or the other, will have their own abilities, and its use can generate several benefits in gameplay.

The early access version includes quick game modes and personalized games, as well as the creation of parties with friends and personalization of characters through countless cosmetics and advantages. Until the launch of the definitive version, which is expected to happen a year from now, the Yggdrazil Group studio will deliver updates and improvements, with feedback from players to form the best possible gaming experience.

Home Sweet Home: Survive is available for PC.


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