Home office: see six tips to improve the Wi-Fi signal in quarantine


The new coronavirus pandemic has taken the entire world to quarantine. As many professionals have done home office, it is important to pay attention to the quality of home Wi-Fi. Wireless networks need some care that can make a difference, such as monitoring connected devices or exploring router settings to choose the settings that are right for you. Here are six tips to improve your home Wi-Fi signal when working from home during quarantine.

Test connection
An important measure to have a good connection performance during work periods is to check if the speed contracted with the operator is being delivered. It is important to keep in mind that, in periods when more users are connected at the same time, networks may experience some instability. But, anyway, there is a minimum bandwidth margin that must always be delivered.

There are several sites that perform the connection test automatically, displaying download and upload rates. One is from the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), available on the Brasil Banda Larga website. If the contracted speed is not being delivered, check your plan contract and request the arrangements directly with the operator.

Monitor connected devices
Having many devices connected at the same time can also cause your Wi-Fi network to perform unsteadily. Therefore, it is essential to check how many devices are using the Internet at the same time, especially when you notice a drop in connection speed, as there may be an “intruder” causing this problem.

To find out if someone is on your Wi-Fi, you can access the router’s settings menu through the browser, with the IP indicated by the device manufacturer. Another possibility is to use related applications, such as Tether, by TP-Link, or mydlink, by D-Link. You can also check how many devices are on your network using your smartphone.

Disconnect devices connected to the network during working hours
Limiting the number of devices connected simultaneously can improve the speed and stability of the Internet while working. Some equipment, such as consoles, media centers and other connected devices, use a certain amount of bandwidth to download updates, even when they are not being used. So keeping them turned off can mean working with less crashes and other Wi-Fi related issues.

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Explore router settings
It may seem complicated, but the router configurations can present several interesting solutions to bring an even better performance. Some models allow, for example, to limit or prioritize the amount of bandwidth for each connected device, through QoS. Another possibility is to change the channels used, since the pattern may be congested. This change is simple and can improve the network speed for your Wi-Fi.

Using Mesh Routers
Mesh routers promise greater range and high intensity even in areas further away from the main device. The system works with at least two devices, and offers good signal coverage. Mesh networks are also expandable, making it possible to buy other routers of the same model to add to the set. The idea is to improve the performance of the Internet even with many users connected at the same time. In Brazil, there are models of different types, with prices starting at around R $ 400.

Do not use the microwave
The microwave, as well as other appliances, can be real enemies of the Wi-Fi network. Even without smart functions, the product emits waves that can interfere with the radio frequencies of the router, especially if it acts only in the 2.4 GHz band For best performance, try to avoid using the microwave for too long when on Wi-Fi.

Also, if possible, give preference to networks with frequencies of 5 GHz when working, as these offer a higher speed for your connection. It is worth mentioning that, for this, it is interesting to be in the same room as the router: the 5 GHz band works with waves that do not pass through walls and obstacles so easily.


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