Home Office Is Still For Few, According To Data


Home Office: As much as the pandemic has propelled models of work and remote study, this new structure seems to be the reality of only a minority. A survey by NZN Intelligence, in partnership with Estadão Summit Mobilidade Urbana, a free online event that runs until Friday, shows that only 19.4% of people have been able to work from home during the health crisis.

The data, which show mobility trends in the last year, also show that 43% of Brazilians need to travel at least 5 kilometers to get to work. In addition, the survey shows a widespread fear among those who need to leave home: 42.9% of respondents leave only to work.

About 43% of Brazilians need to travel more than 5 kilometers to get to work during the pandemic. (Source: Nelson Antoine / Shutterstock)

Regarding how to get around, buses, trains and subways, which face one of the biggest crises in its history, were the most feared among the 2,200 respondents: 83.5% of people say they do not feel safe in public transport during the pandemic.

There was a significant change in mobility habits during the pandemic: 45.3% of people changed their way of moving. The data also pointed to an increase in the adhesion to the ride apps – 12% of the population started to use this service more.

The escape from agglomerations led to an increase of 40.2% in the use of private cars, and 31.6% of people started to move more on foot or by bicycle. The latest transformation may be a response to the global trend to encourage active mobility.

Another reason may be the increase in demand for delivery services, which increased the number of couriers pedaling: 38.20% of respondents started to use more ready-to-eat food delivery applications.

Despite the fear of the new coronavirus, open leisure spaces, such as parks, have become more accessible, with 29% of respondents claiming to walk outdoors. Still, 48% say that people around do not usually wear a mask or obey social distance.


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