Home Office In 2022: How To Organize Your Home Office?


Home Office: 2022 is coming and whenever a new year begins, we stop to reflect on the aspects to improve or improve in our lives, the famous end-of-the-year resolutions. A resolution that has been recurrent among Brazilians is to improve the quality of life, especially in light of the pandemic scenario in which we find ourselves for nearly two years.

Within this theme, it is impossible not to deal with the subject of home office, that is, working at home. Since March 2020, we had to relearn how to perform our professional tasks, taking remote work into account.

Using a room in the house to carry out the activities we used to do in the company’s office was one of the biggest challenges we faced lately. Now, with the partial return of some companies to the hybrid model, it is necessary to readjust once more.

However, there is still that portion of the population that prefers to maintain their remote work routine, as they see advantages of the home office in relation to traditional work models, such as commuting, daily expenses with transport and food, etc.

Setting up an office to work from home is a challenging task, but at the same time, it offers a series of benefits for our health and quality of life. With that in mind, we’ve listed some important tips to consider for this. And you can even take advantage of the HP coupon to make your office complete.

1. The ideal place: a place to work

The first thing we should consider when setting up a private home office is finding a space. It could be that underused corner of the living room or a guest room that no one uses. The ideal is to have a proper working environment.

We highlight this aspect not only because of the focus on work, but also because of the preservation and division of leisure and rest spaces. Mixing the personal and professional spheres can be a trap we create for ourselves.

The most important thing is never to lose the discipline of the moment of work, but to know when to stop working. Doing the exercise of turning the computer on at the start of the day and turning it off at the end is highly recommended, so that you don’t overwork.

2. Choose your furniture and computer wisely

After choosing the right environment to set up the office, the time has come to effectively think about the furniture that will make up your home office. Professionalizing this space brings many benefits that go beyond just optimizing work, and can promote mental and physical health and a sense of well-being.

When we talk about a wise choice of furniture, for example, we are talking about a chair and desk that are compatible not only with the chosen space, but mainly that are ergonomic for your body.

Specialists and physiotherapists are categorical on this subject: a good chair and table make all the difference to our long-term health, thinking about a better posture, which favors the spine. Having support furniture can also help organize daily tasks such as shelves, shelves and drawers.

Also, choosing a great computer is critical. You must choose the equipment paying attention to basic requirements that meet your usage needs.

For those who use editing programs, a good graphics card is needed. If you are working with simpler resources such as documents and spreadsheets, it may be important to consider more data storage. For every need, there is a configuration to consider when purchasing your computer.