Hololive’s Amelia Watson Releases First Original Song and Her Own Game


Hololive EN star Amelia Watson has released her very first original song in its entirety, accompanied by a full video game that fans can play too.

Debuting back in 2020, Amelia Watson, also known as Watson Amelia or simply Aim, has become one of the leading stars of Hololive EN, whose YouTube subscribers are rapidly approaching 2 million.

Although she has always shown an interest in music, including karaoke streams and some covers in the past, until now, Ame has not taken the plunge with her own original track.

Earlier in January, she announced that her first original song was being prepared for release, and excited fans with a short preview. The full version of the song and its accompanying game are now available.

Watson Amelia Releases First song: Chiku Taku

Released with great fanfare on January 18, Ame’s song Chika Taku (チクタタ)), which translates as “tick-tock”, has already gained more than 200,000 views of the music video.

But it wasn’t just the song that came out. The official Chiku Taku game is also due to be released, although it could not be played at the time of writing.

Amelia has confirmed that it will be available very soon and you can play on her website here. Details about the game are limited, but expect it to be the platform showcased in the music video.

The exact time of the release is unknown, but Amelia confirmed that it will be “the next day or so” on January 18.

You can follow Amelia’s regular broadcasts on her YouTube channel.


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