Halle Bailey Talked About Catwoman in a New Post After Fans Continue to Confuse Her And Halle Berry


Halle Bailey has been heavily criticized and negative since she was cast as Ariel in the Disney live action movie, but the Little Mermaid star stepped into a completely different role after Halloween when she channeled her inner Catwoman on Instagram. At the same time, she seems to be leaning towards the fact that some confuse her with Halle Berry from Catwoman. The two stars are separated by a couple of generations, but their names are still very similar, and they are easy to confuse when entering. (However, there are definitely worse things in the world than being confused with an absolute icon.)

Halle Bailey inspired awe when she showed off her Avatar-inspired Halloween costume last weekend, but it seems the holiday isn’t over yet where she’s concerned. Bailey posted a story on Instagram about herself in rather familiar leather cat ears, and we can’t help but think that this is a response and a nod to Halle Berry, who is perhaps one of the most beloved actresses who played the role and openly demonstrated it. Bailey’s support.

Although her Catwoman image is not as complicated as her Avatar costume or the ready-to-shoot, original version of Halle Berry’s image, we can’t deny that it looks good on the young star. It’s also worth mentioning that the white stitching also resembles the style possessed by the DC antihero version of Michelle Pfeiffer. We should not be surprised by the singer’s ability to portray a cult character. Because seeing her transform into Ariel from The Little Mermaid in the newly released first trailer was nothing short of magical.

While there are still some skeptics and racist comments regarding her Disney casting, Halle Bailey has experienced a surge of positivity and support for her upcoming portrayal of a Disney princess. Little girls around the world liked the trailer with Bailey’s participation, and parents publish touching videos of their dark-skinned daughters who see her singing on the screen in the image of a mermaid.

The grown-up star also received massive support from big names in Hollywood. Trevor Noah defended her from racist comments and musical talent, and the composer and producer of “The Little Mermaid” Lin-Manuel Miranda pledged not to give rude comments to “oxygen”. The actress was also publicly supported by Ariel’s original actress Jody Benson.

While Halle Berry seems to be fully supportive of Halle Bailey and her image of Ariel, saying she can’t wait to see her in the role, it seems she’s tired of being confused with a much younger actress. Berry recently responded to one baffled commentator who thought they had cast a 56-year-old actress for the role of Ariel, with a visibly annoyed and harsh gif. However, this should not deprive Bailey of love, especially since she clearly appreciates Berry and her contribution to the representation of black women in cinema, an example of which is her reference to Catwoman.

While we’re not going to see her actually take on the role of Batman’s main character on screen, Holly Bailey has already landed her first role after filming The Little Mermaid. We can expect to see her in the musical remake of Oprah’s opera The Color Purple. Both steps can be seen in CinemaBlend’s schedule for the release of new films for 2023.


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