Holly Bailey responded to the girl’s first reaction to the trailer for “The Little Mermaid”


“The Little Mermaid” star Holly Bailey has just revealed what an emotional impact watching her young fans react to a brand new teaser trailer had on her, making her feel eternally grateful that she was their chosen princess. “The Little Mermaid” by Rob Marshall has actually been under implementation since 2016, when the upcoming project got into development.

Although The Little Mermaid isn’t due to be released until May 2023, Disney unveiled the first official teaser trailer for the musical remake at this year’s D23 Expo. Despite the fact that it has been available to the public for less than a week, at the time of writing this article, the video has already received more than 104 million views worldwide.

The new teaser of “The Little Mermaid” showed a brief overview of Bailey’s performance of the famous “Part of Your World”. Shortly after the trailer was released, fans around the world rushed to share their first reactions, which, in turn, also excited Bailey, who cried with them. One fan reaction in particular caught Bailey’s attention and mercilessly touched her heartstrings, quickly making her viral. A mother recorded how her little daughter brought to tears when she saw Ariel Bailey on the screen in front of her. Bailey shared her reaction on Twitter and said she immediately burst into tears after seeing the fans’ reaction.

As soon as it was confirmed that Bailey would play the role of Ariel, she was met with a mixed mixture of ridiculous criticism and hatred, as well as an outpouring of love from others. Bailey turned out to be Disney’s first black princess, meaning that many racists said she shouldn’t have gotten the role because she “doesn’t look like the original animated version of Ariel, in other words, white.” a girl with red hair. However, despite the hate-mongering comments that trolled her, she no doubt also experienced a huge amount of emotional outpouring from her younger fans. Bailey seems to have focused all her attention on love, intuitively knowing that she is in a very rare, special position-a role model that so many little girls around the world have never had the miracle of witnessing before.

In any case, the fans’ reaction proved once again how important representation is and always will be. The fact that young black girls all over the world are only now seeing themselves in the image of a princess, while young white girls are used to always seeing themselves on screen, clearly shows how far Disney is lagging behind when it comes to representation. While it’s incredibly exciting and gratifying to see Disney finally take the big first step and make Bailey its first live-action Black Princess, it should have been done decades ago. However, thanks to Ariel Bailey, little black girls and their daughters’ daughters will finally get the performance they deserve.

The premiere of The Little Mermaid in cinemas is scheduled for May 26, 2023.


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