HollowKnight: Silksong Gets New Trailer, Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass


Finally, after three years of longing for Hollow Knight, Silksong has appeared at today’s Xbox+ Bethesda Showcase, but it doesn’t have a release date yet. However, the trailer has confirmed that it will be available on the first day on Xbox Game Pass when it appears on Xbox and PC.

In the new trailer shown today, for the first time since 2019, we got acquainted with the insectoid Metroidvania Team Cherry, where we see rapid-fire shots of the main character, Hornet, fighting with familiar insect enemies, Hollow Knight jumping on lava and much more.

Hollow Knight: Silksong was first unexpectedly announced in February 2019 as a sequel to Hollow Knight, a well-known indie metroidvania set in the kingdom of intelligent beetles. Silksong follows the character of Hornet, an enemy turned ally from the original game, who is captured at the beginning of the game and taken far away from the kingdom in which the Hollow Knight takes place.

We tried the game back at E3 2019 and found it to be “unmistakably Hollow Knight, but with the speed increased to 11”. We called the original Hollow Knight “awesome” in our 9.4/10 review.

The announcement was part of the Xbox+ Bethesda Showcase, which includes a more in-depth review of Redfall and more.

Hollow Knight Silksong — Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022

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