HollowKnight: Silksong Comes Out on Xbox Game Pass Day One


Fans’ long and patient wait for news about Hollow Knight: Silksong has come to an end, as the game unexpectedly appeared during the Summer Game Fest event for Xbox and Bethesda, and the developer confirmed that she will release Day One on Xbox Game. Pass through. First announced in 2019, the long-awaited sequel to Hollow Knight 2017 has been in the spotlight of fans for several years, but the name, closely associated with Nintendo, meant that many expected that they would not know news of its release until the next Nintendo Direct.

Details about Hollow Knight: Silksong and its development have been scarce since the game was first announced, but fans have kept their hopes up for the title during almost every Nintendo Indie Direct Showcase event. Not only are official Nintendo channels bombarded with calls to play during these events, Silksong also regularly appears on social media as fans express hope for new gameplay, trailers and release date. Hollow Knight: Silksong fans wanted to hear more from independent developer and publisher Team Cherry, but the team itself consists of only a few people, which can lead to limitations when it comes to development.

The Xbox and Bethesda event at Summer Game Fest 2022 may not have been the place where fans expected to finally hear the news about Hollow Knight: Silksong, but Xbox has confirmed that the title will be launched on the first day of the Game Pass. Announcing the news via a trailer, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can count on Hollow Knight: Silksong finally getting into their hands from the day of its release, although the exact date is still a mystery.

Although the news comes from Xbox, not Nintendo, not every Hollow Knight: Silksong fan was stunned by the disclosure thanks to a teaser from a supposed insider. Just days before the Xbox and Bethesda launch, an informant named The Snitch took to Twitter to hint at the announcement, and with a proven track record of recent correct leaks, including the release date of The Last of Us, Part 1 and the full after the June release of PlayStation State of Play, many fans were alerted to the release of Hollow Knight: Silksong for Xbox Game Pass.

Regardless of whether you expected disclosure or not, the new details about Hollow Knight: Silksong were welcome news for many who were increasingly worried about the lack of updates for the development of the game. Although many doubted that the game would be released in the near future, news of its inclusion in the Game Pass may well mean that an announcement of the release date is on the way. This news may even increase new interest in the Xbox Game Pass, as the service has secured another long-awaited release of the first day in Hollow Knight: Silksong.