Holds on to LARP Quest Saints Row holds on to a Strange Life: True Colors ‘


The relaunch of Saints Row by Volition and Deep Silver adds many new features to spice up the series and start a new chapter of the franchise, including a mission dedicated to the real-time role-playing game (LARP). In the Saints Row version of the popular pastime, the player’s boss joins team member Eli as he tries to level up in his role-playing game, but some are exploring how this relates to other video games that have hobbies.

RIZHD, although technically it may be something different from the world of video games, has a lot in common. Unsurprisingly, many games have role-playing games, such as the fan-favorite Borderlands series, which includes both a DLC expansion and a separate game focused on a kind of Borderlands/LARP/board game mix. In Life is Strange: True Colors, the latest installment of the popular episodic adventure series, there is also a memorable section of RIZHD, and gamers compared it to the unusual mission of Saints Row.

Saints Row adventure in a role-playing game

Saints Row is filled with a variety of missions that take players all over the fictional city of Santo Illeso, as well as a number of additional side quests. Some of them are similar to the classic Saints Row quests and tasks, while others are completely new. Dustmoot is a mission that allows players to get close to the band’s nerd, Eli, when he introduces them to his hobby. At first, LARP seems like a very inappropriate element for a game like Saints Row, but many players liked the change of pace compared to the rest of the weapon-oriented game.

There is a lot of comedy in the Saints Row LARP side quest, for example, the discovery of a treasure containing nothing but duct tape at the end of the mission after Eli and the Boss made their way through an enemy fortress. This typically irreverent sense of humor fits in with the rest of the game, but some players felt that donning a simplistic set of cardboard armor and pretending to beat other characters in exaggerated takedowns was childish. Other players found it an original and fun mission, albeit a bit random, given the overall theme of Saints Row.

Comparing Saints Row with Life Is Strange

On the contrary, the LARP quest in Life is Strange: True Colors seems more thoughtful and relevant. It fits perfectly into the game mechanics as a choice—based and dialogue-based narrative, and is very interesting and unique – while at the same time contributing to many of the central relationships of Life is Strange: True Colors. While some might think the LARP mission in Saints Row is too childish, Life is Strange: True Colors takes that and centers the quest around a child character as Alex tries to get close to Ethan and cheer him up.

The whole city is involved in this, and it shows how well Alex managed to integrate into society, which was a turning point in her history. This makes this section not only narratively meaningful, but also emotionally poignant as Alex and Ethan try to deal with Gabe’s death. Saints Row didn’t need to completely emulate this — such a setup would feel completely out of place in the game — but it lacks the seriousness of Life is Strange: True Colors, which makes its LARP section useful and enjoyable. Saints Row is fun, silly and a little weird, but it caused a lot more controversy among the players.

Saints Row is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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