In social networks not one is passed and when something does not like, then, there is a barrage of criticism. Ask Pablo Motos and his last interview with Mario Casas. But El Hormiguero is not the topic that centers us now but a headline about Scarlett Johansson that has outraged many people.

An international media, Gossips, echoed the latest photographs that had been captured of the actress in a bikini and had no other way of headline than: “Go belly has Scarlett Johansson! Photo in bikini without Photoshop”. What do we want more for?

The outrage has given rise to sarcasm and those who did not understand this headline who criticized for wanting to raise controversy where there is none, launched their most scathing comments on twitter in an attempt to laugh at those who mess with someone’s physique and, still Worse, without any reason. Many said they would like to aspire to have the physical form she has.

Others, however, normalized cellulite that could be seen in photographs that never ceases to enter into a reality that is increasingly defended in this type of platform. We are in the era of claiming the positive body and comments like these are less and less tolerated.

And in this exchange of messages on the subject has highlighted one that has burned the networks even more. One user has written: “Scarlett Johansson was good before, now she has a beer belly, it shows how feminism is destroying her.” The reactions, of course, have not been expected to be, probably, what the author of these words sought.


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