Hogwarts Legacy will Get an “Exclusive New Look” at Gamescom Next Week


Summer is coming to an end soon, and in the last couple of weeks, fans did not know when they would finally hear the news about the release date of “The Legacy of Hogwarts”. Until last week, it was only confirmed that a holiday season release window was planned for this year. Then, the official collection of illustrations for the “Legacy of Hogwarts” apparently leaked the estimated release date of the game along with the release date of the book itself.

Instead, it was recently decided that the release date of the Hogwarts Legacy is now February 10, 2023, which of course means that it has been postponed. It was bittersweet for fans who finally got a release date, even though it turned out to be later than they expected. However, February is only a couple of months away from the previously planned holiday window, and the news that appeared earlier today shows that fans will see it much earlier next time.

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Jeff Cayley announced earlier today that the Hogwarts Legacy will receive an “exclusive new look” at the launch of Gamescom next Tuesday, August 23. described as a “world premiere”. This can range from a simple overview of the gameplay that has not yet been shown, to a full-scale trailer with additional narrative implications. However, there is another likely discovery that Hogwarts Legacy can solve after its leaks.

Before its release date apparently leaked (which is now debunked, if not changed due to the delay), there was another leak that has yet to be confirmed. The contents of the Hogwarts Legacy special editions are supposedly available for fans to view, and the question of whether this leak is legitimate or not may be decided by WB Games Avalanche at Gamescom.

Indeed, the stated release date of the Hogwarts Legacy suggests that we hope it is ready to start real marketing before February. If so, its exclusive world premiere at Gamescom may involve special content and pre-order bonuses.

Hogwarts Legacy’s atmospheric and ambient clips on social media offered a look at the castle grounds and other areas that players can explore, and perhaps his appearance at Gamescom will enlighten fans about what the interiors of the school are like. Rather, we briefly hinted at personalization, and fans of the “Hogwarts Legacy” would certainly like to know more about how they can personalize their experience at Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Legacy is released on February 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, a version for Switch is also in development.


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