Hogwarts Legacy Finally Promises News, But Only Next Year


Legacy: Since its announcement, Hogwarts Legacy has been catching the attention of Harry Potter fans for promising a complete role-playing experience in the universe of JK Rowling. But it’s been a long time since the game has brought anything new, which should finally happen next year.

The above tweet was made by the game developer’s official Twitter account, Avalanche. The studio has caught on with games like Mad Max, Rage 2 and Just Cause, so it’s going to be interesting to see how the team does with a far less bloodthirsty franchise.

Some Harry Potter fans expressed displeasure in replies to the tweet. Although we now have some predictions to finally see more of the game, it was a long period of uneventful silence to be shown just a GIF asking to wait a little longer.

Certainly the studio, like many others, faced difficulties in the pandemic that must have impacted the game’s development agenda. In addition, the team also had to deal with the departure of one of its leaders. It’s understandable, so it would have been interesting to talk a little bit about these setbacks in the tweet and help players understand the progress of the creation of Hogwarts Legacy.

Confirmation that we will have news of the game next year reminds us of a rumor that the game would receive a trailer “very soon”. If the rumor is correct, maybe this video will be revealed as early as January.