Hogwarts Legacy: Designer justifies leaving the project


Troy Leavitt, one of the heads of development in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy, shared on his YouTube channel explanations for having left the project that is underway by Avalanche Software. This news is an offshoot of the subject already discussed here in Voxel, but it requires a little context for your total understanding.

Why did Troy Leavitt leave Hogwarts Legacy?

On his way out of the company, Leavitt made a video call on Zoom with his team to punctuate every reason that would have led him to leave the project. Now, this video has been edited and shared as an explanation for those who follow your personal channel and who may be interested.

He says that a family problem would have been one of his biggest concerns when he left the studio. He also explains that he communicated to HR his retirement in August 2020. The designer also says that he maintained a good relationship with WB Games while he was at Avalanche Software and that everyone knew about the existence of his personal channel, without being charged for the content of his videos. .

Leavitt counters the accusations and says that he is not and neither has a tendency to be racist nor does he consider himself an anti-feminist. As commented in his video, family problems would have motivated him to leave. Even without explicitly commenting on the problem facing his family, he reinforces that the situation worsened at the time and that he would not be able to give due attention to it while involved with the studio.

A little context

Leavitt has attracted a lot of attention with videos published on his personal channel in recent years and his popularity is directly related to the controversies surrounding the game in development. When the game with the wizard’s name was announced, we saw friction also involving the name of the creator of the Hogwarts universe, J.K Rowling.

The author was accused of making transphobic comments, which made the game’s producers seek removal from the writer. After this distance, the public also demanded a position on the presence of Troy Leavitt, who was chief designer of the production at the time and who continued to release videos with titles such as “The injustice of social justice”. This and other publications made an audience eager for the new title to seek a statement about his participation.

The boss behind the game also called attention to defending John Lasseter, executive of Disney and Pixar, in the 2017 scandal. With a series of positions at least controversial, Leavitt was accused of being anti-feminist and racist.

About the game

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Legacy was originally planned to be released this year, but ended up being postponed to 2022. When it arrives, the game will be available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5 and PC.