Hogwarts Legacy: Chief designer left the project


The controversies surrounding the game Hogwarts Legacy won another chapter today (05), when chief designer Troy Leavitt announced he was abandoning the project. The decision came from Troy himself and was communicated on his official Twitter:

“I made the decision to separate from developer Avalanche Software. I have nothing but positive things to say about the game, the development team and WB Games. I will be releasing a video soon on my channel about this,” said Troy.

What was the confusion?

Controversies started after some people discovered and released videos from Leavitt’s channel that were very focused on fighting SJW (“social justice warriors”) ).

Despite having just over 25,000 subscribers on his channel, Troy needed to take a defensive stance in the eyes of public opinion, as some of his videos were in opposition to feminist content creator Anita Sarkeesian, while others supported the GamerGate movement, two stances frowned upon by most major portals.

In response, the Resetera forum decided to censor all content about the game, which also suffered from a negative image after J.K. Rowling, author of the entire Harry Potter literary franchise, used her networks to make various transphobic comments.

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