Hobbit: What strange creature gave Bilbo to the trolls?


It’s no secret that at the beginning of the first Hobbit movie “Unexpected Journey” Thorin doubts that Gandalf chose a robber. In fact, most of the first film centers around Bilbo trying to prove himself to the dwarves, which he does in many spectacular ways. Gandalf knew from the very beginning that Bilbo had a loyal heart, a thirst for adventure and more skills and courage than anyone could have guessed, but Bilbo must prove this not only to Thorin, but also to himself. He got used to his bizarre and idyllic existence, but at the same time he lost the spirit and heart that make him such a wonderful character, and he will certainly have to go through many exciting and dangerous periods to find them.

One such example is right at the beginning of the quest, when Thorin’s company makes its way through the lands surrounding the Shire towards Rivendell. Here they encounter three big trolls who came down from the mountains and started creating problems. This problem, of course, involves stealing some of the dwarves’ horses and includes Bilbo being sent to steal them back. After all, he’s a company robber! This is a kind of trial by fire for the poor hobbit, who has never really stolen anything in his life, but does not want to admit it to such respected and respected dwarves, especially to those who already doubt his capabilities.

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So, instead of making a smart choice and admitting that he doesn’t know what he’s doing, Bilbo decides to take this opportunity to demonstrate his courage and show them what he’s made of. Although this was not included in the films, in the book version he is trying to steal not horses, but any general sign of proof that he went in and out unnoticed. As he approaches the trio of creepy trolls, he thinks to himself: “A good robber at this moment would have searched the pockets of trolls — it’s almost always worth it if you can handle it — stole the lamb itself from the spits, stole beer and left without noticing it. Others, more practical, but with less professional pride, might have plunged a dagger into each of them before they noticed it. Then the night could be fun.

But this voice of reason very quickly interrupts his Tukovsky side: “For some reason, he could not return to Torin and the company empty-handed. So he stood and hesitated in the shadows. Of the various burglaries he had heard of, picking the pockets of trolls seemed the least difficult to him, so finally he sneaked behind a tree right behind William. Bilbo plucked up the courage and put his small hand into Williams’ huge pocket. There was a purse in it, the size of a bag for Bilbo.

It’s an item he stops at simply because it seems the easiest thing to pick up and wave in front of dwarves as a reward for his bravery and sleight of hand. However, everything is not going according to plan, as there is one key information that Bilbo does not know at the moment: “Troll wallets are evil, and this was no exception. — Er, you? it squeaked as it came out of his pocket; and William immediately turned and grabbed Bilbo by the neck before he could dive behind a tree.

That’s right, many troll wallets really know how to talk. It is unclear whether they are some kind of strange living creatures or magically enchanted objects, but in any case, most of them are able to make sounds and warn their owners when they are about to be stolen, just for a case like this. . That’s how in the books Bilbo brings on himself (and the dwarves who should come to his aid) a lot of trouble. Bilbo should have been left alone and returned to the company without disturbing the trolls. They could just go around and avoid the mess altogether.

However, as Gandalf rightly points out, although Bilbo gives them trouble in the first palace, he is also the only one smart enough to keep them alive while Gandalf gets them out of it. This is very well demonstrated in Peter Jackson’s film, depicting a scene where Bilbo starts a conversation to distract and redirect the attention of the trolls, while Gandalf makes his way to sunrise. The grey wizard then splits the stone in half, exposing the trolls to sunlight, which automatically turn into stone. This is the clearing where Sam points out “Mr. Bilbo’s trolls” years later, when the four Hobbits head to meet other characters in Rivendell at the Fellowship of the Ring.


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