HMD Global lista tendências para 2021


HMD Global, responsible for Nokia’s smartphones in Brazil, wants to convince you that the brand’s smartphones are the best available on the market today. In a press release, the manufacturer guarantees that every month security updates are made available for 100% of its smartphones. Security, which, by the way, has been an increasing demand not only by people, but also by many companies when buying a device.

To understand what were the main needs of companies in 2020 and expectations for 2021, HMD Global analyzed what companies look for when choosing device suppliers – such as smartphones and other technology services.

What companies need

According to data from a survey conducted by IDC, the main IT consulting and market research firm, smartphones were the most used devices to connect to work in 2020, and the expectation is that the percentage will reach 61% this year.

One of the most sought after tools among Android system smartphones – according to Google, the most used system in corporate environments (79%) – is the Android Enterprise Recommended, which offers Google certification to devices that meet specific hardware, software, ease standards usage, security updates and user experience. According to the IDC survey, 46% of smartphones currently used by Brazilian companies are already part of the program.


According to the IDC survey, companies are looking for simple solutions that are easy to implement and that can facilitate employees’ access to the tools they need to perform their jobs. When choosing the ideal smartphone, companies can analyze points such as reliability, ease of use, functionality, brand recognition and price.

However, a characteristic considered essential when buying a device is the focus on security, since cyber attacks are more and more frequent. According to data from the latest study by Counterpoint Research on security, Nokia-branded smartphones led, for the second consecutive year, analyzes on the topic. The survey takes into account four aspects: software, security updates, quality of manufacture and devices recommended for companies.

Towards 5G

Research by IDC also showed that 65% of Latin American companies plan to migrate to 5G technology. HMD has been striving to make the technology more accessible to the public. Last year, Nokia 8.3 was introduced to the market, with the exclusive 5G sub-6 with the largest number of new 5G radio bands from 600 MHz to 3.8 GHz. According to the director of sales and marketing at HMD Global Brasil, the company is developing strategies to democratize 5G. “This technology will be transformative for many sectors and will also significantly elevate the mobile experience,” he says.


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