H&M is launching the “Innovation Stories” collection!


The ready-to-wear brand H&M is launching Innovation Stories: a series of eco-friendly and responsible collections! We tell you more.

H&M launches Innovation Stories, a series of eco-friendly collections!

The Swedish brand once again proves its commitment to eco-responsible fashion. Committed to ecology for years, the ready-to-wear brand continues to show its desire to become an eco-friendly brand.

Already in 2012, H&M launched its Conscious collection. This year, the brand is therefore back with a brand new concept. Always with the same goal in mind: to commit to the environment.

Thus, fashionistas were able to discover Innovation Stories. It is therefore a series of collections in favor of sustainable development.

These clothing lines will therefore highlight research and innovation with new, more responsible materials. But also a greener manufacturing process!

“Each innovation is a step forward. Each positive change is an action of progress ”explains the brand in its press release. “Together, we have the power to change the fashion narrative towards a more sustainable future. ”

The tone is set. Now is the time for change! Eco-responsible fashion is gaining even more followers. Eh yes !

With Innovation Stories, H&M is therefore putting science at the service of fashion. Eh yes ! “Innovation Stories allows us to develop and grow, while creating desirable and responsible pieces. »Explains the Swedish brand.

She also specifies that researchers and scientists have tested these new materials for years. Just that !

H&M is launching a series of very eco-friendly “Innovation Stories” collections!


The first collection of H&M Innovation Stories is called Science Story. “Science Story pays homage to these years of research and experimentation. »Says Ann-Sofie Johansson, creative advisor within the brand.

This new collection will therefore be available from March 18th. It is therefore found online but also in several stores. We look forward.

But what does this new innovation from H&M consist of? First of all, this first collection uses new, more responsible materials. Eh yes !

Like Fulgar’s EVO, an organic yarn derived from castor oil. Which is therefore a renewable resource. She also uses the Desserto. A plant-based alternative to leather, produced from organic cactus plants. We validate!

Not to mention the innovative materials that the brand has already used before. We think of the TexloopTM RCOTTM. This is a high quality recycled cotton fiber.

What will this new collection look like? For design, clothes and accessories will follow a minimalist and modern style.

As for the colors, H&M has opted for neutral tones. We therefore find white and natural beige. But also pastel tones, like aqua blue and mint green.

We therefore expect colorful clothes that are easy to wear every day! In fact, this brand new product is sure to be a hit. So we can’t wait to discover it all. Stay tuned, up close.