HITMAN’s Developer Working on James Bond Game


IO Interactive, known as the name behind HITMAN games, announced that it has developed a game called Project 007. The game will go down to the origins of our British agent James Bond. Project 007’s release date is currently unknown.

IO Interactive, one of the world’s leading game developers, announced that it is working on a James Bond game named Project 007. There is not much detailed information about the new game announced with a promotional video, but we expect more detailed content in the coming days. In the video released, we see the “inside of the gun” that has become a classic in all Bond movies. In the nearly 1 minute video, we see that our character will wear gloves and be very involved with weapons, but we do not have any further information for now.

When we look at the website of the game, which is announced as Project 007, a text welcomes us. The shared text said, “Players who will have a completely original Bond story will replace the world’s most loved secret agent to gain 00 status in the James Bond origin story.”

Going back to James Bond’s origins

In fact, this statement implies something extremely important, which can be described as that Bond’s IO Interactive game will not be linked to the movie universe. We’ve seen that Daniel Craig, the last actor who is currently giving life to the James Bond character, gained 00 status in the first James Bond movie. It seems that the game series will go down to the roots of the popular British spy movie franchise, giving players a fundamental connection.

IO Interactive, which will bring James Bond with game lovers, is a company that has proven its worth especially in these game genres. The company that released Hitman games, which previously focused on another popular Agent 42, will use the experience it caught here on 007 this time. So, are you hopeful about Project 007 game to be developed by IO Interactive? You can share your thoughts with us in the comments section.


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