Hitman: from the worst to the best, according to criticism


Bald-faced in the video game world we have so many. Greek warriors, Thai fighters, crazy scientists and so on. But there is only one bad-looking bald guy with a bar code on the back of his neck who works as a hired killer.

With the launch of two recent games, we decided to update this series so loved by fans of stealth games. You asked, voted and here’s the Worst to Best from the Hitman franchise. Here are our criteria, pay close attention:

The notes presented are based on the Metacritic note aggregator. If the title was released for more than one platform initially, we will take the notes for each version and do an arithmetic average.
We only considered the main games in the franchise, so spin offs and collections did not enter.

8) Hitman: Codename 47 (2000) – 73

Lastly, we have the game that introduced Agent 47 to the world. Hitman: Codename 47, launched in 2000, introduced the genetically altered human clone that works for the International Contract Agency, a global organization for contract killings.

Following the premise, the levels are divided into contracts with very large areas in which the player must sneak and disguise himself to go unnoticed by the opponents and thus fulfill their missions. If you cannot reach the goal with clean hands, a variety of weapons, both fire and melee, will be available to claim lives.

The game was highly praised for its interesting premise and beautiful graphics, but it ended up wavering in the positioning of the camera, several bugs and glitches in addition to the very low replay value due to the missions’ events being heavily scripted. Your grade is 73.

7) Hitman: Contracts (2004) – 77.3

Hitman: Contracts, released in 2004, works as a remake of Hitman: Codename 47 but also as a continuation of Hitman 2: Silent Assassin. In the story, Agent 47 is recovering from a mission and begins to reflect on his past.

The missions mix some of the first game in the franchise but several new ones are also presented. As in the predecessor, players are ranked according to the number of bullets fired, the number of guards alerted and the number of NPCs killed. In addition, the suspicion meter and context sensitive actions, in which a button can perform various actions according to the environment, are also back.

The game was praised by analysts for several elements of improved gameplay, graphics, soundtrack, its darker tone and its atmosphere, but it was very much like its predecessors, bringing no major innovation to the series. Your grade is 77.3.

6) Hitman: Absolution (2012) – 80.3

Hitman: Absolution was launched in the 47th week of 2012 and accompanies our favorite bald deadly machine having to protect from the ICA a genetically altered young woman named Victoria, who would be destined to become a murderer like him.

The developers stated that this would be one of the most accessible and easy games, while remaining true to the franchise’s roots. With that, an instinct system was introduced, which facilitates the monitoring of opponents. In addition, players can kill opponents using the environment, making it appear that the deaths were accidental.

The game also features an online mode called Contracts, in which a player can create missions for others to play. It is possible to choose places in the campaign and decide which NPC will be killed, which weapon should be used to eliminate the target, which disguise is needed and so on.

Among the compliments, we have the graphics, the environments, the gameplay varieties, the missions and the replay value, but the criticisms were for weak AI and several linear sequences. Your grade is 80.3.

5) Hitman: Blood Money (2006) – 82

Hitman: Blood Money, released in 2006, is the fourth game in the franchise to hit the market. In it, we accompany Agent 47 on a mission to end Franchise, a rival organization of hired killers who are threatening the employees of its contractor, ICA, and who are looking for the same cloning technology that created our favorite killer.

The game introduced a notoriety system that is based on the protagonist’s successes and failures, making it easier to identify the agent in the crowd. Avoiding cameras and keeping an eye out will make missions easier. The game also brought improvements to melee weapons, being able to shoot some of them at opponents, and introduced rival killers.

Analysts liked it and praised the good replay value, the variety of realistic weapons, the construction of the missions and the possibility of being sneaky or getting Rambo. The problems remained for the unrealistic behavior in combat, the notoriety system that does not seem so ready and several known problems of the series that were not fixed. Your grade is 82.

4) Hitman 3 (2021) – 82.4

The latest game in the series, Hitman 3, released in 2021, ranked fourth. Developed and published by IO Interactive, the game completes the arc known as World of Assassination, accompanying Agent 47 and his allies on the hunt for the leaders of Providence, a secret organization that controls world affairs.

The title takes place in 6 locations: Dubai, Dartmoor, Berlin, Xunquin, Mendoza and the Carpathians. The game focuses on the freedom given when playing to solve the murders. Even though some forms are suggested by the game, many crazy ideas can end up working. It received PSVR features, but it does not have a multiplayer mode, unlike its predecessor.

Hitman 3 received a lot of praise related to its graphics, its detailed scenarios, its intelligent missions and its replay factor, but its short campaign and its little creative story did not impress, making the game score 82.4.

3) Hitman 2 (2018) – 82.6

Hitman 2 was released in 2018 and is a sequel to Hitman, released two years earlier. This time, Agent 47 is hunting down the Shadow Client and its allies, who are looking to destroy the Providence organization. After a big reveal, some goals are reviewed by the protagonist.

In total, there are 8 missions that take place in several different locations. The game introduces the concussive gadgets, which make NPCs unconscious, and reintroduced the suitcase, which allows the player to hide and carry larger weapons in public without raising suspicion.

There is a cooperative mode called Sniper Assassin, in which the player must eliminate several targets within the time limit. Unfortunately the online part, including Ghost Mode, was dropped before the release of Hitman 3.

The title was praised for the improvements over its predecessor, the new mechanics, the presentation in general and its levels of complex architecture, but it has problems that were already present in the previous game and have not been fixed. Your grade is 82.6.

2) Hitman (2016) – 84

Hitman, launched in 2016, marked a new phase of the franchise, called World of Assassination, which takes place six years before the events of Absolution. Here, our protagonist travels the world solving the mystery of several seemingly unconnected murders. The game was released in the form of episodes that arrived between March 11th and October 31st.

The game reimagines the series and was described by the developer as a puzzle game with elements of action and stealth. The environments are sandboxes and full of events going on, like crowds to see fireworks or fashion shows and the agent has to infiltrate to fulfill his goals. After completing his mission, the player must find a way to leave the place. The game also features the online Contracts mode, previously featured in Absolution.

The crowded levels of NPCs, the thousands of options available, the incredible replay value and the difficulty in progressing were very well seen, but the long loading screens, the difficulty of understanding how NPCs recognize you and some annoying online requirements displeased you. The initial release score is 84. Now, if we consider all the episodes released, it drops to 78.64.

1) Hitman 2: Silent Assassin (2002) – 84.75

And first and foremost, we have the second game in the franchise. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, released in 2002, takes place after the events of its predecessor, with Agent 47 retiring and trying to live in tranquility, but when his only friend is kidnapped, he decides to go back to business to track him down and save it.

The game follows the same basis as the first game and does not present great news in the gameplay, but improves and tidies everything that was presented in it, in addition to making the phases less linear, giving greater freedom for the player to solve problems in the way that well understand.

He was highly praised by analysts, who said he was everything they expected for the first game. The accolades focused on the technical and graphic evolution compared to its predecessor while the criticisms weighed on Artificial Intelligence and on the missions summaries. He sold almost 4 million copies and got 84.75 of note.

So, what’s your favorite Hitman? Leave your own list below!


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