Hitman 3 Will Receive Virtual Reality and Ray Tracing in 2022


Hitman 3 has proven to be a huge success for its developer IO Interactive since launch. So much so that they intend to extend the game’s longevity by announcing the roadmap for the second year of new content for Hitman. New features include virtual reality and even ray tracing.

The announcement video highlights the success of the latest games in the series. The World of Assassination trilogy reached the impressive mark of 50 million players. IOI doesn’t detail how many players each title got, but it does point out that Hitman 3 has become the most successful game in the franchise’s entire history.

Therefore, the game will gain new mechanics, maps, stories, resources and so on. For starters, the roadmap promises a VR mode for Hitman 3 coming sometime next year.

The game is also expected to support ray tracing on the PC, and a new gameplay mode called Elusive Target Arcade has also been confirmed – a change from the well-known elusive target mode.

The game’s roadmap also promises some news that remains secret, with a small teaser showing an isolated house in the countryside that could very well be a hideout for Agent 47 or a rival.

According to the video, these are just some of the news that the game will receive next year, which will be many. Hitman 3′s Year 2 officially starts on January 20, 2022, at which time we’ll have more content updates coming out.