Hitman 3 will receive additional content in the future


IO Interactive has plans for the future with Hitman 3. We know it will have additional content, but the studio does not yet know what approach they will take.

Hitman 3 will expand over the months as part of its post-launch support. This has been assured by IO Interactive itself, in conversation with TheGamer. The study confirms that it will have DLC, although they have not yet decided on their approach.

“We are definitely going to do some DLC, but we haven’t decided what they will be yet. I think that for now we are not looking for new maps, like the bank or the island ”, explains its executive producer, Forest Swartout Large. The person in charge refers to the couple of additional scenarios that accompanied the Hitman 2 expansion pass.

Therefore, the Danes are considering another type of playable attraction: “We are considering using existing locations and reimagining them, giving them a spin. Currently we can use the complete trilogy; We can inquire in the maps of Hitman 2016, in the maps of Hitman 3 – We have all the locations ”, she concludes. Along with the basic edition of the third installment, a deluxe edition was marketed that incorporated a series of exclusive intensification contracts.

We can draw two conclusions: the relevance of keeping Hitman 3 as the platform of the complete trilogy and the possibility of building on it through secondary stories. We have examples within it. Without going any further, the Patient Zero campaign offers four missions that take a tour of Sapienza. Or in the case of Miami, with the alternative plot line. What is clear is that there is cloth left to cut.

Hitman 3 obtained in this house a rating of 8.7 out of 10. In the analysis we highlighted the “undoubted quality” of this work, which has established itself as “the definitive platform” of the world of murder proposed by IO Interactive since the beginning of the restart. , back in 2016. “The formula moves away from risks to propose what it knows how to do well,” we said. As a negative point, the “lack of news” playable compared to what was seen in 2018.


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