Hitman 3 will have six main levels; all locations revealed


The study after Hitman 3 confirms all the locations that will include the closing of the murder world trilogy. We will have 6 main levels.

IO Interactive reveals the six locations that will make up Hitman 3, the conclusion to the murder world trilogy. To those already known, such as Dubai, Dartmoor and Chongquing, another 3 are added: Berlin, Mendoza and the Carpathian Mountains, where we will witness the outcome of Agent 47’s adventure.

On their official website, the Danes ensure that each location “has been created to offer a unique and memorable gaming experience.” Although plot details have not transpired, we do know the approach taken by the locations that remained in the shadows.

Berlin, for example, will be the third mission, which will take us to the outskirts of the German capital. Mendoza will be the fifth mission, a region of Argentina known for its wines. The image shared by the studio inevitably recalls the Mediterranean landscape of Sapienza, only in the heart of the South American jungle.

The last location will be an unknown point in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania. The team has confirmed that the conclusion of the trilogy will follow “a style focused on narrative”, so we do not know if it will be a sandbox scenario like the rest of the levels. What is clear is that there is very little left to get to know it from home, since Hitman 3 is scheduled to launch on January 20 on PS5, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch, this last through the cloud gaming service.

At MeriStation we have already immersed ourselves in the first two missions. As we said in our impressions, the residue he left us was “excellent, at the height of what we expected from him”. The continuity of the elements that have marked this restart, several corrections are added that make it mature as a product. We talk about new gadgets, the depth offered by shortcuts to level design and the coherence of artificial intelligence, among others.