Hitman 3 review: Agent 47 sets the bar for quality


The conclusion of the murder world trilogy leaves us with a title that keeps the bar for quality. Hitman 3 offers another dose of replayable sandbox.

We reached the end of the trip. Agent 47 faces his last tango in this trilogy from the world of murder. It has taken us almost five years to complete the creative perspective of IO Interactive, a reboot whose main attraction was to fulfill the desire of the fans: to create the sandbox experience that does justice to the nature of the character. In other words, take your roots and take advantage of the possibilities offered by today’s technology. Something to be thankful for, given how different the path he had taken with Absolution.

The purpose of Hitman 3 is not to evolve the formula, far from it. The Danes have chosen to follow the outstanding trend of the previous two, maturing a formula that ensured the success and recognition of their community. In short, lay the foundations of what becomes the final platform for the three in discord. We are facing a game that goes beyond being the closing of some events; It is the right place to experience the elements that define Hitman at his best. Too bad that the business model has led to a scarce title in novelties.

Close the wound: bet on the narrative

We had to wait until 2021 to witness a greater narrative effort than we were used to. In the previous ones, the information pill consisted of a brief scene before and after finishing the turn scenario. Here the division is maintained, except that it now has significance at the levels themselves.

It’s something we’ve talked about in our prints. Dubai, without going any further, includes a section of just 5 minutes, which extends the start while we know in detail the situation of the objectives. The trend continues practically at all levels, except in exceptional cases. In some they are more obvious; in others, not so much. Dartmoor, for example, dispenses with the plot introduction, while Berlin does the opposite: it packs the scene.

These changes that affect the playable area are special circumstances from the first time you start the mission. Once you complete it, an alternative entry will appear that will put you at the beginning of the real level, although the plot option is maintained in case you want to relive it again. In any case, that narrative push is mainly transferred in the videos between missions, where there is more useful footage, which makes us know in greater depth the situation of each part.


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