Hitman 3 Reveals The Contents of Season of Pride: Free Locations, Contracts and More


Hitman 3: The study behind Hitman 3 reveals the planned roadmap through June in the third installment of this Agent 47 reboot.Hitman 3 confirms the roadmap during Season of Pride. The new season of Agent 47 will immerse us in the second chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins collection, now available for download on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia.

Hitman 3: all the contents of Season of Pride

The season will take a month full of news for its players. Both paid and free content will arrive to reach practically all the points of the game. Highlights the appearance of The Iconoclast, the new elusive target. It will land in Mendoza and you will have less than 2 weeks to remove it. As of May 12, you will play the opportunity to a single attempt. You can?

We leave you with the list of contents below:

Seven Deadly Sins: Pride (DLC) – May 10

The Sebastian Principle, Escalation Contract – May 10

The Iconoclast, elusive target in Mendoza (Hitman 3) – From May 12 to 24

The Icon, Free Hitman Localization – May 14-23

Spawn On Me, Featured Contracts Based on Pride – May 20

The Pasqual Consortium, Medoza Escalation Contract (Hitman 3) – May 27

Paris, Free Hitman Localization – May 28 – June 6

The Black Hat, Elusive Target in Paris (Hitman) – From May 28 to June 6

Second Wave of Featured Community Contracts – June 10

Hitman Update 3 – June 14

We must emphasize the presence of free content from previous Hitman. Whether you are a player of the free Hitman 3 starter pack or the full version, you will be able to access those pre-third installment content at no additional cost. This way, if you don’t have the start of the trilogy in your possession, you can enjoy Paris, its elusive objective and the additional Sapienza campaign during the days indicated above.


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