Hitman 3: Play For Free In Sapienza For A Limited Time and Fulfill Your Elusive Goal


Hitman 3 takes advantage of its new season to open the doors of Sapienza completely free for a limited time. He plays his elusive goal.Hitman 3 unlocks new free content for all players, both those in the full version and those accessed from the starter pack. Sapienza, the popular map from the first installment of this reboot, will open its doors from now until July 4.

How does the free content in Hitman 3 work?

You must remember that Hitman 3 acts as the murder platform for the trilogy. From its application you can play the full content of the previous two games, as long as you have purchased the corresponding packages (or have them in your physical or digital library). Accessing previous maps from it will allow you to play them with their graphical and playable improvements. In practice they are light remasters of Hitman and Hitman 2.

Rotating content at no additional cost will save the progress you make on them. If the period ends and you have challenges to complete, they will be saved in your profile for when you want to return, either by buying it or waiting for it to appear again. In any case, you have reasons to discover new previous experiences.

If you have not yet discovered the playable catalog of Hitman 3, you can start with the free starter pack, available on the main platforms where it has landed. We leave you with the links below.

The promotion is part of the Season of Sloth, which heads the fourth chapter of the Seven Deadly Sins expansion. In fact, Sapienza once again has an elusive goal for a few days after its free launch. The Twins, as they are called, are two identical characters in appearance, but different on the inside. One is the customer; The other, the objective. You must find out who is who before pulling the trigger. You only get one shot.


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