Hitman 3: Director behind the scenes and future plans


Hitman 3 was released at the beginning of this year, but it pleased his fans so much and was so well received by critics that it would not be surprising to see him competing for the main video game awards at the end of 2021. opportunity to chat with Mattias Engström, the game director.

Flying high with the new generation

It is remarkable how he and his team managed to launch such a good product even working on multiple platforms at the same time, from the old generation to the most robust consoles recently launched, going through cloud technology for the Nintendo Switch version.

Less talented developers would certainly have encountered problems along the way, but IO Interactive was motivated by cutting edge hardware. “With the new consoles we were able to achieve greater graphical fidelity and faster loadings,” explained Mattias.

“There, the game runs much more beautifully and smoother, with textures in better quality and higher resolution. But the biggest difference between the machines was being able to take advantage of the SSD, because the faster loading motivates you to not be afraid of make mistakes, die and try something new, fearing to suffer from punitive loading screens. ”

Although the game reaches its full potential on the new consoles and high-end PCs, it is evident that it does very well on all systems, as we pointed out in our review, and it is especially gratifying to note how its story is efficiently and effectively embedded. rewarding for those who followed the plot of the series from the beginning.

“I think the biggest difference in Hitman 3 is that we aim for a different tone for the campaign, which is more dark and emotional,” pondered Mattias. “We are highlighting our main cast of characters and giving closure consistent with what was established in the first Hitman of 2016. Even the locations are darker and more atmospheric, sometimes rainy, so we wanted to make each mission reflect the climate of the story.”

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End and new beginnings

Although Hitman 3 is a great game, it leaves an inescapable bittersweet flavor in the air, as it brings the story of the trilogy to an end. It has been many years of work on the part of IO Interactive, but it doesn’t seem ready to let go of the character for good.

“In this second we are still excited to be able to continue to support Hitman 3 live, releasing more content for the game,” said Mattias. “Hitman is an intellectual property of IOI so, as a studio, of course we will keep it alive in one way or another.”

But is there room for other IPs during Agent 47’s vacation? “We won’t be able to talk about our future for a while, but it’s also exciting for us, as creative people, to expand our focus to different IPs and create new adventures!”

Whatever the future holds for IOI, if we take into account how good your work was in Hitman 3, it seems certain to say that your next project deserves all the hype possible! Have you tried this game? What did you think of him? Tell us in the comments below!


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