Hit n ‘Rush, The Spanish Battle Royale, Presents The Dome Masters Charity Tournament For Streamers


Hit n ‘Rush: Blackmouth Games’ free to play video game features a charity tournament for content creators and their community for a week. Hit n ‘Rush, the Spanish free to play battle royale, has presented its first major tournament, Dome Masters, aimed at streamers and the gaming community itself, an online competition that will take place for a whole week (from June 28 to July 4, 2021) with two prize pools as the grand finale. This has been presented by those in charge, detailing the bases and the main content creators who will participate. Those who want to participate can now register through the official website of a video game that is already available on Steam.

Grand prizes and familiar faces

Thus, for each registration 1 euro will be added up to a maximum of 500 euros in each of the pools. In the first, the winner of the community may win up to 500 euros. In the second, for charitable purposes, the winner of the influencers tournament will decide to which NGO to make the donation of up to another 500 euros. Among the best-known faces of streamers we find names like Ballesta, Tuniebla, Garrido, Mercyplays, Ceviche, Manzanoides and Santipatico, among others.

In addition, daily raffles for ingame and peripheral content will be held through Hit n ‘Rush social media on Twitter and on Discord among the best players of each day. Hit n ‘Rush is a frenzied F2P where teams of players, known as Rusher, battle each other across the map. At the same time, they will compete for the best loot, defeating hordes of mutants known as the Rovers. As if that were not enough, they will have to take refuge from the electromagnetic pulses that activate every few minutes, which can only be avoided by those who take refuge under the domes.

Hit n ‘Rush is now available on Steam in early access format, a battle royale that continues to grow in players and content thanks to constant updates by its managers, the Madrid studio Blackmouth Games.


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