History of major updates of Red Dead Online content


Thanks to the fully realized world and emotional plot for a single game, it’s safe to say that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be remembered as one of the best games of the PS4 and Xbox One era. Rockstar Games has once again proved why it is so highly valued in the gaming industry and why millions of fans are now demanding Grand Theft Auto 6. However, apart from the story of Arthur Morgan, Red Dead Online publishing has not ended. so good.

Unlike GTA: Online, which has been receiving new content regularly since 2013, the Red Dead Redemption 2 multiplayer is already stopping updates. Some players have already arranged a funeral in memory of Red Dead Online and its premature departure. Now that so many people are hanging out their cowboy boots and breeches, it’s time to look back at what Rockstar Games has brought to the gameplay over the years.

The “Gun Fever” update

When Red Dead Online was launched in beta at the end of 2018, its multiplayer modes showed better performance compared to games like Grand Theft Online. Thanks to Rockstar’s decision to split the launch into a few days, most players got the impression that the publisher has a clear roadmap. Although it should be noted that he often releases patches containing small actions and promotes bonus events, most claim that there were few significant updates and they were rare.

To the credit of Rockstar Games, the first major update of Red Dead Online appeared shortly after the completion of beta testing. Gun Rush update, released on January 10, 2019. Despite the fact that it is largely aimed at fixing bugs and improvements, one completely new mode has been added to the mix, inspired by royal battles such as Apex Legends. Groups of 32 players had to survive in an ever-shrinking corner of the open world. The one of the criminals who held out until the end was declared the winner.

Red Dead Online Beta Update

A little over a month after the release of the Gun Rush update, Rockstar Games provided Red Dead Online players with another major drop in content. On February 26, simply called the beta update, several improvements were made to the open-world sandbox of the game. Although the update lacked quantity, it featured an impressive variety. New weapons, clothing and emotions have been added to the mix along with new daily challenges and target races.

Update for May 2019

When the beta testing era of Red Dead Online ended, it received one of the most significant updates. Fans welcomed new clothes, weapons and challenges, as well as the opportunity to play poker in cities such as Blackwater and Saint-Denis. His new Overrun Showdown Mode, in which players were tasked with taking over the land, also turned out to be a fun distraction from other modes. The ability to explore the open world of Red Dead Online in an offensive or defensive position has also allowed players to express their thoughts more freely since then. By far, the most famous addition was the new story content, in which players communicated with characters such as Jessica Leclerc and Samson Finch.

The “Pursuit Abroad” update

Released on September 10, 2019, the Frontier Pursuits patch and its accompanying content have made many changes and changes in addition to three new horse breeds. More importantly, it also made some fundamental changes to the gameplay. For the first time, Red Dead Online players could build their criminal around three different roles. Each of them, called a Bounty Hunter, Collector and Trader, allowed fans to participate in unique challenges, events and development paths. Provided they were willing to part with a significant amount of in-game gold, they could then work on unlocking special class-based rewards.

It is worth noting that along with the Frontier Pursuits update, two more interesting additions have appeared in Red Dead Online. It is no coincidence that the first Outlaw Pass and The Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Club were presented at the same time. Both allowed players to gradually unlock additional rewards by completing certain tasks and tasks.

Update “Moonshiners”

The Moonshiners update for December 2019 embodied most of the trends that players have encountered throughout the year. Players have unlocked access to a variety of weapons, tests and equipment options, as well as a new criminal pass. Taking a page from their collection of Grand Theft Auto games, Rockstar Games also gave players the opportunity to buy real estate in a multiplayer crime simulator. As the patch title suggests, the moonshiner role was also added to the mix when the update came out. Provided that the players had progressed far enough in the unique history of the Trader class, they were given the opportunity to turn their criminal into a specialist.


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