“Historic” rains surprised Mexico City residents


An intense rain surprised the inhabitants of Mexico City on the same day that they celebrated their Independence. Claudia Sheinbaum, the mayor of the capital, acknowledged that the storms that have hit the area in the last two days are historical and atypical.

According to the statements of the official, who made known through her social networks, these rains, with return periods of more than 150 years, are generated by the presence of low pressure channels and the entry of tropical waves from the Gulf from Mexico.

“It is striking that, on two consecutive days, the records show stations with more than 100 millimeters per day, so it is concluded that they are atypical rains,” he explained on Twitter.

According to the records, she commented, only on six occasions, in more than 20 years of accumulated data, have rains greater than 100 millimeters accumulated in one day been reported.

In Mexico City, several areas were affected, including some main streets and avenues, a hospital and shopping centers, which suffered floods due to the intensity of the storms.

That is why the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection activated the Purple Alert in several areas.

One of the most affected was the Xoco General Hospital, which suffered a great flooding, so the police went to work in the area to speed up traffic as much as possible.

Some motorists were stranded amid the flooding, causing traffic to become chaotic.

Given this, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) activated Operation Storm, in which 96 agents participated.

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Some metro stations were also affected. Some leaks were reported in the part of the stairs, which caused flooding.

Social networks also showed the chaos caused by the rains.


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