Historic drop in Tesla: $ 82 billion wiped in just one day


Tesla shares lost more than 30 percent after Tesla’s share sale plan of $ 5 billion. In the last week, 160 billion dollars was removed from the market value of the company and 82 billion dollars in the last day!

The sales wave triggered by Tesla with the sale of $ 5 billion worth of stock has been going on for days. Shares of the electric vehicle giant have fallen by more than 20 percent just today, and have lost 33 percent since the beginning of September.

Tesla shares, which hit an all-time high on 31 August and hit $ 500, dropped to $ 330 today. This huge drop came after the company reported to the SEC on September 1 that it was planning to sell $ 5 billion of shares. As of September 4, this sale has been completed. In the following days, the company was expected to be included in the S & P500 index, but the market was not taken. This development also intensified the current sales trend.

The biggest fall in history

Tesla shares first started trading in 2010. Since then, today’s 21 percent drop has been recorded as the biggest drop. Recently, the market value has decreased from 465 billion dollars to 307 billion dollars. So, about $ 160 billion was deleted from Tesla in about a week. The amount that melted from the market value in the last day is exactly 82 billion dollars!

As of the end of August, Tesla shares had made an enormous 974 percent return from $ 46 to $ 498 in a year.

In a recent report, the famous speculator Mike Novogratz claimed that he was worried about DeFi and Tesla and expected a major correction. Novogratz said, “I’m looking at Tesla today. There is an irrational enthusiasm. What can you say? I’m a little worried as we’ll be making a major fix for many risk assets soon. ” he said.

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