HiSilicon No longer Produces Chips Only for Huawei


HiSilicon, the technology giant Huawei’s subsidiary, which is responsible for producing chips for the company, will no longer produce chips for Huawei alone. The company will now start selling its products in the free market.

Huawei’s Shenzhen-based chip manufacturer HiSilicon has been producing chips for Huawei only. However, as of today, the company has decided to start selling chips to other companies in the sector. HiSilicon launches 4G communication chips at the ELEXCON 2019 event in Shenzhen.

Shanghai HiSilicon, established in April last year, will begin selling chips in the free market, according to EETimes. Shenzhen HiSilicon, on the other hand, will take over the chip requirement of its parent company Huawei.

The company made several changes to some product lines:

HiSilicon began selling chips in the free market as well as changing the names of some product groups. In addition, the company started to work to make its presence felt in new segments. The new name of the company’s camera product groups was Smart Vision.

Smart Vision will now go beyond professional security monitoring systems. In addition, this product line of HiSilicon will extend to sensor products such as consumer and automotive electronics.

HiSilicon has combined the product groups of TV and TV products under the name of Smart Media. This product line will develop new products for smart terminals and smart home services. In addition, HiSilicon will continue to expand the connectivity market considerably.

In this context, one of HiSilicon’s new focuses will be to develop automotive electronics that focus on the connectivity market with the group focusing on large, medium and small screen devices. One eye will focus on robotics.

HiSilicon, a sub-brand of Chinese technology giant Huawei, has been renowned for its Kirin processors as well as Balong modems. HiSilicon not only produces processors and modems, but also server processors and graphics cores.

We can begin to see clearly how the company’s new decision will affect the market in the coming periods. Stay tuned until then.


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