Hisense Introduces World’s First Dual Screen 85-inch 8K Pro TV


Chinese technology giant Hisense introduced the world’s first dual-screen 85-inch 8K Pro TV. Supporting 120Hz refresh rate, television uses machine learning technology to provide the best viewing experience with various software and hardware optimizations.

China-based home appliances and electronics manufacturer Hisense has unveiled the world’s first dual-screen 85-inch 8K Pro TV model 85U9E, which it has been working on for some time. Promising users an immense visual experience, the television supports the 120Hz refresh rate.

Featuring ultra high intensity segmented backlight control technology, the 85U9E is powered by machine learning to deliver the best viewing experience with various software and hardware optimizations.

Hisense’s new television offers 8K MEMC balancing technology for the 120Hz display panel. This feature, which allows high frame rate movies to be displayed perfectly, also promises an excellent experience in AAA or PC games.

Equipped with 113 independent control chips to properly manage the backlight section, the 85U9E is home to a dual-core artificial intelligence system and dual-core imaging engine that enables real-time changes to content on the screen.

Hisense 85U9E TV, which allows you to watch even old movies with low resolution with an impressive visual quality, can define a scene in real time thanks to its artificial intelligence capability and improve the image quality. The Chinese company says its new TV, which offers 8K resolution, passed the iPhone 11 in terms of color accuracy and redefined the 8K TV segment.

With a maximum brightness capacity of 4,096 nits, the Hisense 85U9E TV’s primary display is 85 inches, and its secondary display just 28 inches in size. The small screen, which supports voice commands, can even show notifications about other synchronized smart home appliances. As of today, the price of the television, which took its place on the shelves, was announced as 79,999 Yuan (about 11 thousand dollars).

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