His new trailer shows a certain change in Johnny


Cobra Kai season 2 ended with Johnny on a spree, abandoning all of his responsibilities. However, in the new Cobra Kai season 3 trailer, it’s clear that Johnny will do anything to help Miguel.

The third installment in the Cobra Kai series establishes a comedic friend premise while allowing Johnny to remain his cheeky self, but with a renewed sense of purpose when Miguel awakens.

While it’s heartwarming to see Johnny dedicate himself to helping his best student, this subplot in Cobra Kai will theoretically set a more viscerally shocking story about Robby’s renewed relationship with his father.

When Johnny truly accepts his failures as a father, rather than using his shame as an excuse, and makes a genuine effort to be more than just “daddy,” then his redemption story will be nearly complete in Cobra Kai.

A new and improved Johnny will not only train with Daniel at Miyagi-do, but will also accompany him on a trip to Japan for a comprehensive cultural lesson on the ancient history of the dojo at Cobra Kai.

The duo could return to America for a climactic showdown against Cobra Kai, which is now led by its original founder, Kreese. At that point, Johnny’s redemption story in Cobra Kai would complete the circle.

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