“His help didn’t help” — Ryan Reynolds Says That Hugh Jackman Did Absolutely Nothing to Help Him Before He Specifically Asked For “Real” Help


Ryan Reynolds has a different level of romance with Hugh Jackman. The two made fans happy by announcing the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the 2024 film Deadpool 3. The highly anticipated film will also be the first film in which Jackman and Reynolds will work together.

Actor Ted has a list of upcoming films in the queue in his hands. Along with the next installment of Marvel’s “Deadpool” sequel, he is also starring in the movie “Imaginary Friends” with John Krasinski and in the long-awaited holiday musical film “Soulful” with Will Ferrell. Reynolds turned to experienced actor Hugh Jackman for advice, and here’s what he said.

What advice did Hugh Jackman give Ryan Reynolds?

Ryan Reynolds is preparing for his first musical film. On this occasion, the actor turned to his colleague in the film “Deadpool” and friend Hugh Jackman for advice. To which the Wolverine actor replied: “Just don’t forget to enjoy it, because if you like it, so do we.” The advice turned out to be really fruitful for Ryan Reynolds, who will use it not only at work, but also in life in general, and also in the fact that he needs to enjoy the moments that he felt out of place every day.

Reynolds noted that musicals naturally fall to Hugh Jackman, who has worked in several musicals, including the famous Les Miserables. The X-Men actor also advised him to follow the beats, but the actor “Definitely could be” said: “His help didn’t help.” On the other hand, Will Ferrell is already considered one of the icons of Christmas thanks to his 2003 film “Elf”.

Ferrell’s latest film is “Soulful” with Ryan Reynolds. The movie brings fun to Christmas this year. This is a musical version of Charles Dickens’ short story. The film should be comedic, but a warm blanket as the winter holidays approach. The Canadian-born actor toyed with the idea of making a dancing Deadpool or a Christmas movie about a Marvel hero.

Meanwhile, “Energetic,” co-produced by Apple, was released in theaters on November 11. Have you watched Spirited by Ryan Reynolds yet? Let us know your feedback in the comments.


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