Hills graduate Lo Bosworth Admits She’s “Definitely” Still Friends with Lauren Conrad


There is no drama here! More than a decade after appearing in The Hills, Lo Bosworth talked about where she is with her co-star Lauren Conrad.

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35-year-old Bosworth told in a TikTok video, which was published on Thursday, June 16, about what she has been doing since the reality show came to an end. After a fan asked if she was in touch with 36-year-old Conrad, the CEO of Love Wellness replied: “Yes! I’ve been living on the east coast for over 10 years, so we don’t talk very often, but we’re definitely still friends.”

In a long video titled “Life After the Lagoon,” Bosworth also detailed her path to becoming a business owner.

“I moved to New York in early 2012. God, I’ve been here for over 10 years. So crazy. And when I moved to New York, I went to cooking school because I wanted to host a cooking TV show [because] I love cooking. In culinary school, I became very interested in nutrition, and around the same time I started to get very sick,” she explained. “Depression, anxiety and yeast infections. It was like one thing after another.”

According to the California native, this experience made her go on a journey to “find out what’s wrong” with her health. “In short, I was very disappointed with everything I found at the pharmacy in 2015, when I was going through this really difficult time. It inspired me to create my own business [Love Wellness],” she added.

Bosworth and Conrad debuted in a reality show on MTV Laguna Beach, which aired from 2004 to 2006. A year later, the author of Lo Down joined the spin-off series The Hills and remained on the show until its finale in 2010. Conrad, Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Whitney Port, Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge also appeared in the popular series.

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After The Hills: New Beginnings was announced, Bosworth denied claims that she planned to return. “When you participate in a show like this, you usually don’t have creative control over how you or your character are portrayed on television. I am a supporter of women. I’m a feminist. I own this business supporting women’s health,” she told Us Weekly exclusively in October 2018. “Not being able to control my own narrative is too risky for me at the moment.”

At the time, Bosworth hinted that editing played a role in her decision not to participate. “Everything happened, and then I watched the episode on TV and thought: “It’s not real,” she added. “They made me look so angry. But the thing about reality TV is that when they create some drama in the show, it tends to perpetuate the problem in real life.”

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Earlier this month, Montag, 35, also reflected on her friendship with Conrad after serious ups and downs over the years. “Lauren and I didn’t talk,” the singer of “Superficial” exclusively told us. “Now that we have both become mothers, I think we see how insignificant such a drama is. Also, it really forces you to have a closer group of friends, and you really don’t have time for chitchat or long-standing acquaintances. It’s just that we’re on such different paths right now. I hope there will be more mutual respect.”

Montag and Pratt, 38, who married in 2008, have a 4-year-old son Gunnar. On June 1, we were informed that they were expecting their second child. Conrad, for his part, shares sons Liam, 4, and Charlie, 2, with her husband William Tell.