Hilary Duff shared her emotional reaction to the “Cruel” Row of the Supreme Court. V Wade ruled: “I’m a woman, I don’t matter”


Feeling powerless. Hilary Duff shared an emotional post about the Supreme Court’s “cruel” decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, explaining that she was shocked and heartbroken by the decision that abolished the federal right to abortion.

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“I’m sorry, I’m silent. [I am] in some shock after the ruling,” the 34—year-old Junior graduate wrote in her Instagram story on Monday, June 26, three days after the ruling. “[I] felt powerless, felt that because I’m a woman, I don’t matter. My life doesn’t matter. It’s a man’s world after all. It’s a terrible feeling.”

Explaining that she didn’t know what to do after the news that several states, including her home state of Texas, would quickly ban abortions, Duff continued: “None of this makes sense. The world is cruel. [Things] are backwards and upside down.” Acknowledging that as a “privileged white woman” she had never “had to deal with such a feeling before,” the star of the TV series “How I Met Your Father” shared a message of love and support to those most affected by the new laws. .

“I’m angry. I’m confused,” Duff wrote. “If you’re black, brown, gay, transgender, female, pregnant teen, I love you and I apologize for all the hard days you’ve been through and all the hard days ahead.”

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In contrast to her reaction post, graduate Lizzie McGuire shared some “happy” moments over the past few days, including her 13-month-old daughter May, who swam with her older brother Luca, 10, and learned to eat bagels. Duff, who shares May and Banks, 3, with husband Matthew Koma, also included a shot of her eldest daughter “meeting new friends at fairy camp” and riding on the beach. (Duff shares a bow with ex-husband Mike Comrie.)

The Texas native also shared a video of protesters fighting against the Supreme Court decision in Santa Monica, with the caption: “Girl, you’re rolling mountains.”

Duff’s post came just a month after she talked about how her parenting style changed as Luca got older. “He’s at an age where he doesn’t want me to read him bedtime stories anymore, he wants to know jokes, funny things I did at his age, times when I had problems when I started filming Lizzie McGuire at a very young age. “,” she told Grazia in May. “He is a very inquisitive child. He’s at home with us every other day, so I can talk to him not every night, but on average twice a week.”

She continued: “I am very involved in my children’s lives. I am present. I like to play with them and listen to them. Don’t get me wrong; I’m also the one who puts the house in order. It’s all fun and games until they cross certain boundaries.”

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During this interview, Duff also revealed how she maintains a good relationship with Luke’s father, despite their divorce in 2016. “We talk about him a lot,” the “Come Clean” singer explained. “I like to tell him about how I met his father, about the good times we spent together, about the greatest joy when I found out I was pregnant, and about how his father and I coped with pregnancy. It’s very nice.”