Hilary Duff discusses the role of a working parent amid the “terrible” hand disease, foot-and-mouth disease of daughter May


Working with the unexpected. Hilary Duff spoke frankly about the ups and downs associated with trying to find a balance between career and family.

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“May has [the disease] of the hands, feet and mouth, and none of my other children have ever had it, so I’ve never seen it before. It looks terrible and I can’t be with her all day because I’m at work,” the 34—year-old actress explained in her Instagram story on Wednesday, August 10.

Duff expressed her dissatisfaction with the problems, including previous work commitments that keep her from having a child. “I love my job so much, but this is just a small greeting to working parents who have to leave their children at times when it doesn’t seem natural and contradicts your whole body not to be with them at such times,” she continued. “I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself mostly.”

The “How I Met Your Father” star concluded, “But you’re doing a good job, just like I know I’m doing a good job and working hard for my family. But the poor thing, and it’s so strange not to be with her.”

Duff has daughters Banks, 3, and May, 15 months, from husband Matthew Koma. She also has a son, Luke, 10, with ex-husband Mike Comrie.

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The Texas native is not the only celebrity parent who has recently encountered hand disease, foot—and-mouth disease in his family. Earlier this month, Megan King spoke about how her plans with children were ruined due to health problems.

“In short, my kids got hand disease, foot and mouth disease, and we had to cancel our trip to Disneyland,” the 37—year-old graduate of The Real Housewives of Orange County signed an Instagram photo with her daughter Aspen, 5, and twin sons Hart and Hayes., August 4, 2.

At the time, King recalled that at first she did not realize that her children had contracted the disease. “Aspen asked me what those dots on her hands were,” she detailed in a lengthy blog post about how the symptoms were getting worse. “I miraculously manage to Google this strange “spot rash” that I can’t stop thinking about, and I stumble upon a page when it hits me: these children have foot-and-mouth disease.”

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The former brave personality, who shares her children with ex-husband Jim Edmonds, was not thrilled that the family’s plans were postponed. “Disneyland is canceled. And I’m trapped with these poor kids. Quarantine post-traumatic stress disorder is returning in full force,” she added.

For King, the biggest relief was that her children were not “severely affected” by the sores. “They didn’t have a fever, and besides being a little tearful, they felt good, ate well and behaved normally,” she continued. “Their contagious stage lasted maybe 3 days (I think?) and we shut down Disney and I had to run this blog (hooray).”


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