Hilary Burton recalls having an abortion after losing her pregnancy: Roe v. Wade “defended my rights”


Discovery. Hilary Burton shared her story about abortion after the Supreme Court’s decision overturning Roe v. Wade.

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“It’s no secret that I’ve been struggling with infertility,” the 39—year-old One Tree Hill graduate wrote on Instagram on Tuesday, June 28, along with a photo of her 4-year-old daughter George. “The loss of several pregnancies before her was a trauma. But women’s bodies are all different and unpredictable. Having had an abortion after my fetus died, my uterus healed in a way that made it healthy enough to endure future pregnancies.”

The Virginia native explained that she had an enlargement and curettage procedure to remove the fetus, noting that her D&C was classified as an abortion, despite the fact that she had a miscarriage.

“The official word in hospital documents is abortion,” she wrote. “That’s what it was. Do you know what could make this painful day even worse? If abortion was illegal, and law enforcement agencies would examine my body to make sure that I did not cause a miscarriage.”

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Burton then criticized the Supreme Court for overturning Rowe’s decision, which ruled that the Constitution guarantees the freedom to have an abortion.

“Rowe [so in the original] In. Wade defended my rights as a woman to miscarriage without verification,” the White—Collar graduate continued. “Now I know that many of you have had a miscarriage. You wrote to me to tell me about it. Think about every loss and then make it worse knowing that the Supreme Court just said that states can treat you as a murder suspect in such a situation.”

The former “Lethal Weapon” star also believes that her abortion allowed her to give birth to George, whom she shares with her husband Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The couple also have a son, Gus, 12 years old.

“So go to hell with the Supreme Court,” Burton wrote. “And fuck you to the ignorant right-wing extremists who want my daughter to have fewer rights than I had at birth.”

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The Bloodworth actress is one of many celebrities who shared their personal stories about abortion after the Supreme Court’s decision, which was announced on Friday, June 24. Earlier this week, Laura Prepon said that she decided to terminate the pregnancy after learning that the fetus is not viable.

“The devastating truth is that we found out that the fetus would not live to full term, and that my life was in danger too. At that time I had a choice,” the 42—year-old graduate of the “70s Show” wrote on Instagram on Monday, June 27. “Everyone has their own history of searching for this medical procedure, and I sympathize with everyone who has encountered this. an impossible solution.”

The actress of the TV series “The Girl on the Train” has a daughter Ella, 4 years old, and a son, 2 years old, with her husband Ben Foster.