HILARIOUS! Pedro Pascal Made The Fans Wheeze Without Even Saying a Word on The Show “Saturday Night Live”


If you’ve watched Game of Thrones or The Last of Us, you’d know right away who Pedro Pascal is. He is an actor who has impressed many people from all over the world with his brilliant acting skills. However, the actor has the skills to impress his fans without even saying a word. Well, the actor recently hosted one of the most beloved late-night television talk shows, “Saturday Night Live.”

After performing in one after another popular TV series, the Mandalorian actor appeared in the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”. He also talked about his recent HBO series “The Last of Us.” But he also received a round of applause for getting the chance to host the show “Saturday Night Live.” While the actor was blushing when the audience applauded him, do you know what happened before he actually hosted the show?

Pedro Pascal charmed the fans even before he said a word

Hosting such a grandiose show as “Saturday Night Live” is a big deal for any Hollywood celebrity. Considering the fans of the show, the host of the show would always like to prove that he is worthy of this chance. So whenever someone gets the chance to host a show, they get a little nervous. However, the actor of “Game of Thrones” has a different idea about this. As the host of the last episode of the show, Pascal seemed more calm and cheerful.

While others moved nervously and tried to calm down, Pedro Pascal definitely behaved differently. After seeing him shake off his nervousness with dance moves, the fandom poured out their love on him.

Fans were delighted with the actor’s dance moves.

Since the Chilean actor has a huge number of fans, they began to praise him. Some fans said it was his nervous dance, while others just enjoyed the moves. Others said it was an exercise that actors do before going on air. And others expressed their love and admiration for the actor.

Even before going on stage and saying a word, Pedro Pascal showed his funny side. Since his fans enjoyed his dance, what do you think about it? Are you also a fan of this Chilean-American actor? What do you do when you’re nervous? Tell us about your attitude to this during the broadcast of the latest episode of SNL here.


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