Hilarious clip of The Last of Us 2 Shows The Ridiculous Ending of Permadeath Run


While the appeal of The Last of Us 2 undoubtedly lies in its intense story and well-written characters, the game can be extremely challenging for those interested in making it harder. Along with the brutal “Grounding” mode, a Permadeath setting is available, giving players one life to complete The Last of Us 2.

Thinking about the places in The Last of Us 2 that can easily lead to death, several scenarios should immediately come to mind. The boss battle between Abby and Ellie towards the end of the game, Abby’s encounter with the Rat King and some scenarios with Stalkers are dangerous moments for those who are on eternal death. Even random encounters with seraphites can be a problem, although none of these riskier moments caused the death of Reddit user ThePopcornDude. Instead, they died from the fall.

Despite the fact that there is a lot of fall damage in The Last of Us 2, there are several scenarios in which gamers can really die by falling to the ground. The ambulance bridge in the open part of Seattle near the beginning of Ellie’s story is one of the few places where players can die from a fall in The Last of Us 2, although ThePopcornDude does not die here. Instead, they died in a part of this free movement zone that should not have caused them any harm.

This is one way to finish a run… from thelastofus

A hilarious clip shows a Redditor opening a safe, robbing materials and jumping over a railing, probably planning to continue the research. However, Ellie dies as soon as she falls to the floor, entering the fall animation and plopping to the ground as if she had just jumped from a great height. Although this fall certainly wouldn’t kill anyone, and she should have landed on her feet, the redditor’s immortal run ended unexpectedly.

Unsurprisingly, this post has proven itself well on Reddit, garnering almost 2,000 votes from entertaining fans. The main comment comes from the ki700, who finds it funny that people are still dying from a “very safe-looking fall” years later. According to this commentator, they died the same way on the first pass and were shocked that such a small fall was fatal. Others suggest that Naughty Dog intentionally added this death point to the game to flirt with players, while some add that this is the reason they don’t use Permadeath mode.

While it’s true that this release of Permadeath The Last of Us 2 was tainted, the Redditor is lucky that this area appears very early in the game. Not counting the videos, there is only about an hour of gameplay left before you meet this safe, so ThePopcornDude should be able to quickly return to this safe.

The Last of Us 2 is already available on PS4.


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